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Founder of Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance
I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama where I graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a Bachelor of Science in English.
Being that I am an adventurous person, my experiences range from an array of  different genres.After graduating high-school, I served in the United States Army Reserves for six years. I've completed military assignments in Europe and  El Salvador. While attending college,  I worked for the United States Postal Service where I remained for almost five years. After graduating college, I became a teacher. A few years later, in 2002, my family and I moved to Georgia. As a  wife, parent, and school teacher, I immerse myself in community events; there's not many that I miss.Patch is an avenue for me to write (which I've become one with) about interesting community subjects as I meet more fascinating people, aside from my students :)  When I'm not writing or teaching, I indulge in spending time with family or friends, writing poetry, improv, creating film, acting, skating or trying to keep up with a Zumba instructor. On my journey, while I seek, search, and find within communities, I'm discovering more about myself.  I'm a Patch fan! Recently I founded and created the Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance. We are a group of filmmakers who embrace the art of film as we collaborate and share our different skills and talents to create film. Join us at www.meetup.com/atlanta-filmmakers-alliance ---Hope to meet you! To see my articles/columns here on Patch, use the below link and search "Tonya Grace" http://suwanee.patch.com/search?keywords= You may also find me on Lawrenceville Patch- http://lawrenceville-ga.patch.com/search?keywords=
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