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Currently, I am a member of Team Committed to a Cure. We are participating in Team In Training (TNT), the endurance fundraising program of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In November, I'm running my first half-marathon. I'll be writing a blog on Norcross Patch about everything from my dislike of running to cool fundraisers we're hosting around town...I'll try to keep my mindless ramblings to a minimum.
That aside, I'm a fun loving karate instructor that loves making an impact. I am a second degree black belt and I teach World Yoshukai Karate at the Norcross Cultural Arts and Community Activity Center. I compete in different tournaments throughout the year, including full contact/bare knuckles fighting...in fact, there is a clip on Youtube of me getting my nose broken (no, I will not tell you how to find it :-P). Fitness and exercises keeps me sane...but considering I rollout of bed around 5-ish almost daily, "sane" might not be the right word.   I've lived in Norcross since 2007 and I love everything about it. My favorite restaurant in Norcross is the Iron Horse Tavern & I love the staff of Dominic's (including Alex). Most importantly, I am married to a wonderful woman named Lindsay; we have a cute-as-a-button miniature replica of myself (but his hair is curlier). I've lived here for 4 years, he's lived, period, for one and he is far more popular around town than I could ever hope to be.  
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