Arctic Blast: Norcross Weather Timeline for Bitterly Cold Temps

It'll be cold, but not as cold as it was 29 years ago.

The weather forecast in Norcross calls for temperatures to fall to 7 degrees Tuesday morning.

According to data from National Weather Service, we should see 7 degrees around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The temperature free fall began Monday afternoon. The temp is expected to be around 16 at sunset and 11 at midnight. Tuesday's high is expected to be in the low- to mid-20s by 3 p.m.

As shocking as the forecast sounds, it's still going to be "warmer" than below-zero lows recorded in Atlanta in 1985.

According to National Weather Service data, here are the 10 coldest temps recorded in Atlanta:

-9 degrees, Feb. 13, 1899
-8, Jan. 21, 1985
-6, Jan. 20, 1985
-5, Jan. 11, 1982
-3, Jan. 30. 1966
-3, Jan. 24, 1963
-2, Jan. 10, 1982
-1, Jan. 6, 1884
0, Dec. 25, 1983
0, Jan. 17, 1982


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