Norcross Schools Lower Than Gwinnett Average on CRCT

Local results were lower than county's on a whole for 5th and 8th graders in almost every school, subject.

Though the vast majority of Norcross 5th and 8th grade students passed the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, or CRCT, this year, sending them on to a new school, the percentage of students who met or exceeded standards was lower than the Gwinnett County average almost across the board.

The CRCT covers reading, language arts, math, science and social studies. Students in grades 3 through 8 take the test yearly, though we have focused on the tests for students graduating from local elementary and middle schools. 

(The Gwinnett school system requires students in 7th grade to pass all subjects of the CRCT. In 8th grade, the state requires students to pass reading and math to be promoted to the next grade. Likewise, GCPS requires 4th grade students to pass all subjects of the CRCT, while the state requires 5th graders to pass reading and math to move on to the next grade--and middle school.) 

For perspective, Gwinnett County, Georgia’s largest school district, surpassed the state average in every grade level and test category this year, so the comparison numbers are generally higher than the state average. 

Percentage of graduating students who met or surpassed expectations in all subject areas combined: 

Rockbridge ES 5th graders: 79.3 percent

Norcross ES 5th graders: 82.5 percent

Beaver Ridge ES 5th graders: 87 percent

Susan Stripling ES 5th graders: 87 percent

Meadowcreek ES 5th graders: 78.6 percent

Summerour Middle School 8th graders: 74.5 percent


On the reading portion, 94 percent of Gwinnett County 5th graders met or exceed the CRCT standard. Norcross area elementary schools' perfomance varied on this portion, with the lowest percentage of students hitting the bar at Stripling Elementary, where 87.6 percent excelled or met the standard. Rockbridge Elementary scored the highest on this measure, with 90.8 exceeding or meeting the standard.

At Summerour Middle School, 92.8 percent of 8th graders met or exceeded the mark to move on to high school, compared to 97.2 percent of Gwinnett 8th graders on a whole.

English/Language Arts

On this portion of the test, 96.6 percent of Gwinnett 5th graders met or excelled the standard. Most Norcross area elementary school 5th graders scored in the low- to mid-90s on this measure.

Summerour Middle School’s 8th grade students came in at 88.8 percent, compared to 95.4 percent Gwinnett-wide.


Norcross area 5th graders were split on this measure. While the Gwinnett average for 5th grade was 93.3 percent, two elementary schools were significantly lower: At Rockbridge, 83.9 percent of 5th grade students met or exceeded the standard and at Norcross Elementary 86.3 percent met or exceeded the standard.

Two schools’ graduating students beat the Gwinnett average: Beaver Ridge had 95.3 percent of its 5th graders meeting or exceeding the math standard, while Stripling had 94.1 percent.

At Summerour Middle School 74.9 percent of 8th graders met or exceeded the expectation in math, in contrast to the 85.3 percent who met or exceeded it Gwinnett-wide.


Science was a lower scoring subject for many area elementary schools, and for Gwinnett County as a whole, where 86 percent of 5th grade student met or exceeded the standard.

Of Rockbridge Elementary’s 5th graders, 64.7 percent met or exceeded the science goal, while at Meadowcreek Elementary, 68.8 percent of 5th grade students did.

At Summerour Middle School, 53 percent of 8th graders met or exceeded the mark in science, compared to the 78.9 percent Gwinnett-wide 8th grade number.

Social Studies

Social studies was another low-scoring subject among Gwinnett Schools, and Norcross area schools followed in suit.

While 82.1 percent of Gwinnett 5th grade students made the mark in this subject, just 53.2 percent of Meadowcreek Elementary 5th graders met or excelled the standard in social studies. At Norcross Elementary 61.2 percent met or excelled the standard. These were the two lowest scoring schools in the area. Stripling and Beaver Ridge scored the highest of the local primary schools in the area.  

At Summerour Middle School, 63.1 percent of 8th graders met or excelled the standard in social studies, compared to the 81.3 percent Gwinnett average. 


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