Norcross SAT Scores Decline; Meadowcreek Scores Increase

The comparison is between 2012 and 2011 scores.

Gwinnett County Public Schools released SAT scores for the Class of 2012, the sixth class to take the new version of the SAT, which features a writing section. Once again, Gwinnett test-takers topped state and national averages on all sections (critical reading, math, and writing) of the test.

While Meadowcreek High's scores saw a significant increase, Norcross High saw a slight decline:

Meadowcreek: 1355 score for 2012; 1333 score for 2011
Norcross: 1511 score for 2012; 1519 score for 2011

Why do you think the Norcross' score declined while Meadowcreek's increased? Tell us in the comments.

Compared to other high school sin GCPS, Norcross ranked 10th for 2012, and Meadowcreek ranked 18th. Meadowcreek was in the 19th spot for 2011, while Norcross occupied its same ranking.

The average for GCPS increased from 1511 in 2011 to 1518 for 2012, and Georgia's 2012 average is 1452, a seven-point increase from the previous year. For the nation, the average is 1498, a two-point decrease from last year's 1500.

While the national SAT average dipped, both state and local averages increased. Test participation in Gwinnett County Public Schools continues to be noteworthy as more and more students take the SAT and prepare for college.

“This year’s results are good news for Gwinnett County Public Schools,” says CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks. “I am pleased with the progress our schools are making as a whole. We know that SAT scores are a benchmark used by many to assess how well schools are doing and this increase is something we should celebrate. However, we also know there is still work to be done in terms of helping all students achieve at higher levels and we are committed to making that happen.”

Gwinnett SAT Highlights

  • Gwinnett’s average composite score on the SAT is 1518, a combination of the average critical reading score of 503, the average mathematics score of 522, and the average writing score of 493. (Possible scores range from 200 to 800 on each section. The highest possible composite score is 2400.)
  • Gwinnett’s total SAT average is 20 points above the national average of 1498.
  • Gwinnett’s average is 66 points above the Georgia average of 1452.
  • Over the last two years, GCPS has experienced a 23.4 percent increase in SAT participation. In 2010, 6,320 students took the SAT in Gwinnett. This past year, Gwinnett had 7,798 SAT test takers. That is an increase of 1,478 test takers over a two-year period.

Individual school averages can be greatly affected by the unique
characteristics of each year’s test takers. Students can improve their SAT scores by doing well in rigorous courses, reading challenging books and articles, and writing concise essays that include compelling details to support a persuasive argument.

A Review of the New SAT—How is it different?
Several things differentiate the new version of the SAT from previous
tests, including:

  • The new SAT features a writing section. Students are asked to take a position on an issue and use reasoning and examples taken from their previous in and out of class experiences to support the position.
  • The critical reading test actually is more than a name change from the previous verbal section of the SAT. Reading passages are longer and require a deeper understanding of both vocabulary and contextual understanding.
  • The mathematics section includes questions testing students’ knowledge of Algebra II, an area not assessed in the previous version of the SAT.


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