Norcross Elementary Kindergarteners Hold Mock Election

The kindergarteners at Norcross Elementary School decided to get in the voting action and hold a mock election for class president. Clifford the Dog received the most votes.

The kindergarteners and teachers at Norcross Elementary School decided to get in the action of voting with their own mock election for class president Monday.

In the mock election, which was part of a series of lessons on making choices, students voted between the fictional characters Clifford the Dog and the Cat in the Hat, according to a news release from Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Clifford won with 155 votes, and the Cat in the Hat received 38 votes. There was one write-in vote and six undecided votes, and three students voted for both. 

The school's election process was very similar to what real voters did Tuesday at the polls. Wearing hats they made and donning the colors red, white and blue, the students were given election ballot slips when they entered their polling stations, held in the computer lab.

Each student had to show his or her photo ID to the poll worker, and then the kids sat their individual booths to cast their votes on the ballots, which had pictures of Clifford and the Cat in the Hat.

After voting and placing the folded slips in the ballot box, the students exited the booth, but not before receiving an "I Voted" sticker.

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