GHSA Votes for Reclassification of High School Sports

Norcross and Meadowcreek high schools could be effected by the reclassification.

Updated 1:55 p.m., May 10, 2011

The Georgia High School Association executive committee Tuesday voted in a new 6-A classification that could include Norcross schools. 

The 50-member panel, meeting in Macon, rejected a controversial 4/8 system that would have changed groupings during playoffs.

Norcross's high schools -- Norcross and Meadowcreek -- have been competing in Class AAAAA, formerly the largest of five in the state. The new class will be effective for the 2012-13 school year.

Formal classification assignments are not set yet, and may not be determined until the fall. The top 15 percent in enrollment are expected to go to the new 6-A class. The formal head count likely will be this fall.

The committee was scheduled to vote in March on the 4/8 plan, which would have reduced the number of classifications from five to four during the regular season, then split the four into an upper and lower tier for the playoffs, thus producing champions in eight categories.

The 4/8 plan was recommended by a 7-5 vote of the GHSA's Reclassification Committee. Supporters say it would have allowed teams to play opponents closer to home, thus reducing the time and expense of traveling long distances.

(Patch freelancer Bill Johnson contributed to this article.)


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