GAC Gives iPads to its Elementary Students

All third, fourth and fifth graders will be given iPad 2s, and an iPad lab will be set up for the younger children.

announced this week that it'll be offering iPad 2s in its elementary classrooms as part of its 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative. 

According to a statement from the school, at the beginning of the fall semester, every student in third through fifth grade will have his or her own iPad 2, and kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms will have access to an iPad lab.

"The iPad’s adaptability makes it the right tool for our elementary students," according to a statement from the school.

"The iPad provides students with opportunities to reinforce newly introduced concepts, multiple creative options to demonstrate what they have learned, and avenues to share their creations with teachers, parents and classmates. In addition to the various learning options the iPad currently offers, the steady introduction of new apps allows for it to continually improve as an educational tool."

GAC's sixth through 12 graders all currently have new MacBook Airs, which they traded their MacBooks for in December, so the school decided to offer a similar opportunity for the younger children, too.

Its 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative has garnered attention from schools all over the country. More than 50 schools have visited GAC to learn more about the training of teachers and students in a digital learning enviroment.

Additionally, GAC has been recognized as an Apple School of Distinction for 2010 and 2011.

Jonathan Maguire April 11, 2012 at 12:27 PM
What a joke. No wonder our education system costs do much am produces so little. I really hope the parents who pay so much for private school see where the money is going.


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