E-SPLOST and Norcross Area Schools

Voters will decide on Nov. 8 whether to continue the current 1 percent E-SPLOST for another five years. What would the funds do locally?

The E-SPLOST, or educational special purpose local option sales tax, is a 1-percent sales tax on all retail sales in Gwinnett County. Anyone who makes a purchase in Gwinnett County contributes to our local schools through this tax.

The Gwinnett County Public School system has benefited from E-SPLOST since the mid 1990s. Proceeds from this tax have provided GCPS students with classrooms in 46 new schools and 59 school additions as well as technology upgrades within the schools.  

The current E-SPLOST will expire on June 30, 2012. This November, voters will be asked to approve an extension of the E-SPLOST, known as SPLOST IV, for another five years. This would not be a new or additional tax, but rather a continuation of the current E-SPLOST.

Multiple school improvements and upgrades are planned if SPLOST IV is approved including:

  • An anticipated $858.9 million revenue
  • Five new schools, one bus facility and nine additions
  • Air conditioning for all middle and high school gyms and all elementary activity buildings
  • Significant technology upgrades
  • Previously postponed facility improvements

There are three large projects are scheduled to be addressed at local schools, if the E-SLPOST is passed. In the cluster, a new elementary school would be constructed, with 53 classrooms. An addition to would mean an additional 15 classrooms. Both of those projects would begin in 2015, according to GCPS materials. 

In 2017, would get a third floor build-out, adding an additional 15 classrooms to the school, which is in an unincorporated area of Norcross. 

Here is a break down of the improvements and upgrades planned in the Norcross cluster specifically, provided by the Gwinnett School district: 

Norcross Schools: 

Technology upgrades that may include teacher laptops, student research stations, network printers, projectors, screens, wireless notebook carts, computer labs, media center and school video broadcast equipment, network infrastructure improvements, increased wireless access. 

Norcross HS: 

  • Gym AC
  • Energy efficiency upgrades

Pinckneyville MS: 

  • Gym AC
  • Kitchen AC
  • Energy efficiency upgrades

Peachtree ES:

  • Gym AC
  • Kitchen AC
  • Energy efficiency upgrades

Stripling ES:

  • Gym AC
  • Energy efficiency upgrades 

Simpson ES:  

  • Gym AC
  • Energy efficiency upgrades

Summerour MS:  

  • Plans are to renovate the old Norcross HS
    facility and move Summerour to that location.
    Technology improvements mentioned above
    will be made to the current Summerour facility
    in preparation for the renovation of that
    building to house a new elementary school.

Beaver Ridge ES:

  • Gym AC
  • HVAC improvements
  • Energy efficiency upgrades

Norcross ES:

  • Gym AC
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
Caroline R October 13, 2011 at 01:48 PM
I'm voting No this year. I support my schools by volunteering. Minutes add up just like pennies and allow me to directly support teachers and students. Most GCPS schools are "bare bones" right now and the performance pressure on teachers and students is causing stress. AC's in gyms are great, but how can the annual operating budget support running them? What is it going to cost annually to support, maintain, upgrade E-CLASS? The projects are just not financially sound and definitely not on the top of my list in providing a better education for my children. ESPLOST can't pay salaries of cover other budget items, but the ongoing annual costs of the projects should not cause even further cuts to teachers.
Ground Chuck November 07, 2011 at 10:09 PM
That much money raised from this tax should fund a lot more than what is listed. What this may be is cushioning of the fat cat's contracts to provide these upgrades without entertaining any reasonable bids and oversite of expenditures. Financial waste and mismanagement is nothing new when it comes to education funding and related budgets. There should be parent panels (with appropriate qualifications) overseeing these funds and how they are spent, not a potentially corrupt school board and/or school system. We've already seen how much was overpaid for new school land sites in Eastern Gwinnett.


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