Find the Cheapest Gas Prices in Norcross

The national average price for a gallon of gas is $3.75, but the best price Sunday in Norcross is $3.68.

On Feb. 22, Patch reported that the average price of a gallon of gas was $3.71. A week ago, the average jumped to $3.77, but today, March 3, the national average decreased to $3.75, according to AAA.

Gas prices have been soaring the past few weeks, so the recently lowered average just may be a small fluke. According to a report in MidlandsConnect.com, "The recent climb in prices has to do with predictions investors are making on Wall Street, among other things," said Michael Fields with the SC Petroleum Marketers Association.

That coupled with the U.S. refinery maintenance that usually peaks this time of the year which reduces the amount of fuel produced, has added to the price increase.

"Motorists are paying more for gas at this time of year than ever before and prices are likely to continue to climb," AAA spokesman Michael Green told USA Today.

How are prices in Norcross, though?

There are some lower prices in neighboring Peachtree Corners, but in Norcross, the best price is actually $3.68 at QuikTrip, located at 1515 Beaver Ruin Rd, according to Norcross Patch's Commute page. The second cheapest price is $3.69 at Racetrac off Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, and the rest of the area is priced at $3.70 and higher.

If you're looking for more gas prices, click on the tab at the top of the Norcross Patch homepage marked "Commute" for a list of the best places to buy gas.

Tip: A combination of factors cause gas prices to rise as the week goes on, so fill up early in the week to get the best price.

The tab also includes our live traffic map to help you locate any traffic delays nearby.

If you find a station selling cheap gas, snap a photo of the sign and upload it here. Click on the "Upload Photos and Videos" link located under the current photo.

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