Tobacco Ban Repeal Set for Policy Work Session Monday

Do you think the Norcross City Council will agree to repeal the ordinance?

Next week's policy work session for the Norcross City Council has the repeal of an initiative that has been highly debated these past few months: the tobacco free ordinance

At a PDC meeting in late May, Councilman Ross Kaul announced that he had , even though he had spearheaded the effort since last year.

"After successfully passing the Tobacco Free ordinance, we were inundated with VM/Email asking local government to stay out of the issue," says the agenda item from Kaul. "To quote, 'We don’t want government telling us what to do!' The issue changed completely from tobacco use to one of too much government involvement."

Do you think the council will vote to repeal the tobacco free ordinance? Tell us in the comments.

Mayor Bucky Johnson said that even if the council agrees to repeal the item at the June work session, the item would still have to be approved at the July city council meeting.

Kaul said at the PDC meeting that the intiative, which would ban the use of tobacco products from all city property including parking lots and sidewalks starting July 1, should have been more citizens-involved before going to the council for a final vote.

Ever since the ordinance passed 3-1 at the May city council meeting, many Norcross locals complained that it gave the local goverment too much power. , too, saying that it would decrease their customer base by scaring smokers away. Petitions were in many of the shops to gain signatures for support against the ban.

Others, though, agreed with the ban because of it's original intent of decreasing the secondhand effects of tobacco. 

"I bring young kids to the parks; why should we have to breathe in stinking smokey air just because someone can't go without a cigarette for a few hours?" commented Cheryl Rankin .

One resident during the June city council meeting even asked the council and mayor .

"Please do not give in to the hysteria that prohibiting smokers on the streets of Norcross will result in a drastic and permanent downturn of local business," she said.

The policy work session will be held at 6:30 p.m. Monday, June 18, at the . For the rest of the agenda items, download the agenda here or check back with Patch on Monday.

Matthew June 16, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Take electronic cigarettes out of this, first off there is no smoke, no nicotine from 2nd hand vapor, and nothing harming anyone from people using electronic cigarettes, in fact they are saving a huge amount of peoples lives who have made the switch to using the electronic cigarette which isn't even called a cigarette. It is a personal vaporizer so you all know and omits vapor, next time you all boil and egg and see the steam coming up this is what your getting a vapor. The local or national Gov't has no right to ban this or even be involved here, and the only reason they even are involved is simply from under the table payoffs from Big Pharma & Big Tobacco because there both loosing customers over the electronic vaporizers and people getting there nicotine this way, poor suckers cant take it when a new product comes out that they had nothing to do with and its costing them millions in losses so they try to get it banned by paying off Govt officials, it's time that the people who are making these along with the people that are selling them be allowed to make money as well without being put out of business from under the table payoffs to local and national Govt officials to ban a product that is hurting the sales of Big tobacco's cigarettes and big pharma's nicotine patches, lozenger's and quite smoking products that don't work,, See the light Mr Govt officials the people are watching you very closely on this one, oh , and taking names too.!!!


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