Running for Norcross City Council: David McLeroy

Meet the incumbent running against candidate Arlene Beckles.

In November, citizens of Norcross will cast their votes for three posts on the city council. In the weeks following up to the election, Patch will be covering all the candidates running for Norcross City Council. This week, we spotlight David McLeroy.

Having been on the council for the last ten years, or five terms, Norcross City Councilman David McLeroy is the longest-serving council member. He's also longtime Norcross resident, too, since he's been living in the city since the second grade at Norcross Elementary.

Reaching the end of his term, McLeroy decided to run for a sixth term on the council, but he's not unopposed. Arlene Beckles, a resident and "ultra-volunteer" of Norcross, is running for political office for the first time and has challenged his seat.

McLeroy spoke with Norcross Patch to talk about the upcoming election, the city and what he plans to do if he keeps his seat on the council.

What inspired you to run?

As far as inspiration to run, I have done a great job listening to the citizens' concerns, which is reflective in my voting record. I hope to remain on the city council to continue being a true voice of the citizens of Norcross. 

What are some of the notable projects you've helped or spearheaded in the past?

Some of the notable projects I have helped with in the past are the purchase of nearly 20 acres of green space for the city. I am also proud to have been involved with the transformation of Thrasher Park and the addition of the amphitheater, along with the replacement of the tennis court and very popular playground. Additionally, I have promoted development, aiding in the addition of residential developments such as Seven Lum Howell. These initiatives have helped make Norcross one of the most desired locations in Atlanta to live, work and play.   

What are some of the immediate things you want to work on for the city if re-elected?

If re-elected, I will continue keeping a very close watch on our funds. It’s easy to say yes to every request that is made, but it takes a true leader to say no when necessary and keep an eye on our spending. I will continue to work on keeping our city pointed in a direction that lets the citizens know we are not here to take away freedoms and become restrictive, but to allow everyone to enjoy the Norcross experience.

What are some of your long-term goals for the city?

My greatest long-term goal for Norcross is to ensure we have a bright financial future. I also feel there is a need for a dog park, more walking trails, and even a need for more green space. 

Why should the city vote for you instead of your opponent?

I have 10 years experience on the Norcross City Council, which is not easy to do with an election every two years. I have sat with more than 13 different elected officials, and helped run the city both with and without a city manager. I have over 150 hours in Georgia municipal training and over 100 hours in National League of Cities training with classes ranging from municipal law to diplomatic relations. I am not a “yes man” for anyone. I may hurt feelings on occasion, but everyone will know where I stand on the issues we face.

For these reasons, I believe the citizens will support my re-election. I say no as often as I say yes on issues, and that's hard to find in an elected official these days. I think common sense is my biggest attribute. I hope the citizens of Norcross will re-elect me in November because, as much as I hate to say it, common sense is just not that common anymore.


Who are you voting for in the upcoming election for the Norcross City Council? Tell us in the comments.

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Hoyt Hutcheson September 26, 2012 at 11:30 AM
David McLeroy has done an excellent job serving the Citizens of Norcross. He brings a balance and a sense of fiscal common sense to the City Council. He is the kind of Councilman we need serving during theses difficult economical times. Thank you David, for your service to our City.
Sally Toole September 26, 2012 at 01:17 PM
David, a voice of reason, gets my vote!


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