Q&A: Brooke Siskin, Candidate for State Representative

The District 95 candidate answers questions posed by Patch.

Patch asked Brooke Siskin, who is seeking the State Representative for District 95 seat in Norcross and Peachtree Corners, a series of questions relating to her candidacy and her position on several issues.

Siskin is running for the seat currently held by Peachtree Corners resident Tom Rice.

NAME: Brooke Siskin

AGE: 44


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of California at Davis, B.A. Public Relations

FAMILY: Daughter, Caitlin, 14 years old, freshman at Norcross High School

OCCUPATION: Marketing Representative

What experience in your background do you think has best prepared you for serving as the State Representative for Dist. 95?

Creating and marketing my own small business, has giving me the experience and the opportunity to interact with others in the community, who know that it takes motivation and hard work to start and run a successful business. I believe that I posses those same qualities. As your Representative for District 95, I will work to be a voice in the Legislature for both the business community and the constituents who I would represent.

Tell readers what your goal is for your first year in office should you get elected?

To restore ethics and accountability to our Legislature. I plan on representing the people of District 95 and not the special interest. I would help to author legislation that would stop these common practices from happening all to often at our Gold Dome each session.

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing our state?

Not enough good quality jobs being created in this state. We are also not giving enough tax incentives to create new businesses in Georgia, or to attract establish companies and organizations to relocate here. With unemployment at 9% in this state, we must look for new and innovative ways to stop the loss of additional revenue which has impacted Georgia's economy.

What is your position on Amendment 1? 

I respect those who wish to see our schools concentrate on tailoring educational needs to fit every students needs. Some charter schools in the state have met that vision and others have fallen short. I am for a mix of charter and public schools, but feel that the control needs to be on a local level, not at the state level.

I also believe in the individual. Schools need to teach to the person, not to the masses. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching each student.

If given the chance to serve in the Legislature, I will work with Republicans and Democrats to draw up a bipartisan common sense education solution which works for everyone.

What is your position on Amendment 2?

I believe that if there is way to generate revenue in this state from this Amendment being passed, then I am for it. 

For additional information or to contact Brooke Siskin visit her campaign site at www.voteforbrooke.com

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