Q&A: State Rep. Tom Rice on Re-Election Bid

Rice, who is the incumbent for District 95 and seeking re-election, answers questions posed by Patch.

From Peachtree Corners Patch

Patch asked Tom Rice, who is seeking re-election to the State Representative District 95 seat which covers Norcross and Peachtree Corners, a series of questions relating to his position on several issues.

(Democratic candidate Brooke Siskin is running for the seat currently held by Rice.)

NAME: Tom Rice

AGE: 72



FAMILY:  Wife Frances, four married children and 10 grandchildren

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: IBM Marketing Management - 30 years; Partner, The Quality Group - nine years; GA State Representative - 16 years

HOW LONG HAVE YOU SERVED AS THE STATE REPRESENTATIVE FOR DIST. 95 (FORMERLY DIST. 51)?  I have served 16 years as a State Representative

Please provide voters a brief synopsis of what you've accomplished during your present term.

I believe my best contribution to the lives of all Georgians was the removal of the ad valorem tax (birthday tax) and the sales tax on vehicle purchases and the implementation of a one-time title fee (less than sales tax).

Tell Peachtree Corners readers what your goal is for next year's legislative session.

Right now I chair the Title 40 (Motor Vehicles law) Study Committee.  I will be developing legislation, based upon the committee's recommendations, to affect better teen driving laws as well as a simplified way to address traffic violations. We will continue our quest to make Georgia the best place for business growth and job creation.  We did that last year in HB 368 and will follow up with more in 2013.

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing our state?

Job growth, health care and education are the biggest challenge areas.  We will continue to work with our partners in the business community to reduce the cost of regulation and taxes that are impediments to growth in hiring.  We will address the health care insurance issue with (if Romney is elected) free market alternatives.  If the President is re-elected we will move swiftly to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) in terms of state insurance exchanges (a requirement we have successfully avoided).  In education we will implement the recommendations of both the Quality Based Education Study Commission and the Higher Education Study Commission (that I serve on).  Both will address the quality and cost of education in Georgia.

What is your position on Amendment 1? 

I support public Charter Schools.  They provide an alternative for parents and children caught in non-performing public schools.  I support the right of local school boards to charter or not.  However, with the state sending the majority of its budget to k-12 public schools, I believe there is a place for alternative approval.  It has worked for 11 years with high performance results.  I support Amendment 1 for that reason.  More details on the amendment decision can be found at www.tomrice.org.

What is your position on Amendment 2?

I support Amendment 2.  It just makes good sense to allow lease contracts for more than one year so the fit-up costs can be amortized just like any other organization does right now.

For additional information or to contact Tom Rice, visit his campaign site at www.tomrice.org.

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