Norcross Votes on TSPLOST, Casino Gambling

Patch went to the polls and asked voters how they cast their ballots.

Updated, 5:58 p.m.

Thousands of Norcross locals went to the polls Tuesday to vote in the general primary election, which included the Transportation Investment Act and casino gambling.

For the Atlanta Regional District, 62.43 percent of voters were against the transportation tax while 37.57 percent voted in favor of it. For the casino gambling question on the Republican ballot, 49.7 percent said no while 50.2 percent favored it.

For more election results, check out Patch's Election Guide.

During poll hours, Norcross Patch went to the ballots to get some input from voters on how they voted.

Wende Lynn of Norcross said she voted yes on TSPLOST. "I just think it's time for Atlanta to do something. They've got to stand up and act like the city is going to start working on its infrastructure."

She said that she felt more informed about the referendum after going to a in July. She had more trust for the Transportation Investment Act because Johnson explained how the Georgia Department of Transportation actually played a larger part in the process than the politicians.

Another Norcross local Donovan Henneberg-Verity said he voted in favor of TSPLOST, too. He explained that one of his friends in city planning informed him of the metro Atlanta projects, and he found that he supports many of them.

"I have sort of liked the SPLOST tax in general, like the ones that went to parks and stuff. I think those have been useful," said Henneberg-Verity. "I'm willing to give a couple more pennies on every trade."

He also voted yes on the Democratic ballot for the question, "Would you support Casino gambling in Gwinnett County?"

A similar question was also asked on the Republican ballot, which reads, "Should Georgia have casino gambling with funds going to education?"

Even despite the different wording, one Republican voter from Norcross, who preferred not to be named, said he voted in favor of casino gambling, too.

"I think it's absurd that the state regulates things that they really have no business regulating," he said.

He voted against TSPLOST, though, stating that the sales tax in Atlanta is "already too high when compared to other cities our size."

Norcross Councilman Charlie Riehm, who voted yes on the transportation referendum, also favored the Republican ballot question for casino gambling.

"Absolutely," he said. "I see it as a huge plus for Gwinnett."

Mark Gorman, who ran as a Republican for State House District 96 and has been vocally against the transportation referendum, also checked "yes" on the casino gambling, calling it a "good option, especially if the citizens are behind it."

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MIke Smith November 07, 2012 at 02:45 PM
I myself am a little confused! Did gaming pass in Gerogia or not?
jim wadsworth February 23, 2013 at 06:24 PM
WE don't need more taxes, we need to start building a privately owned and funded casino. Make the "native Americans" compete in the open market for the business. awhen they have a casino in an area, reduce goverment funds to the local tribe by the amount of revnue from the tribal casino.


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