Norcross Policy Work Session Tonight: Noise Control, Parking, Free City Wi-Fi and More

The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. Monday in Norcross City Hall.

The Norcross City Council will meet on President's Day for its February policy work session.

The meeting, which will take place at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the second-floor conference room of Norcross City Hall, will have discussions on the 2014 SPLOST, the quality of life for citizens and the elected officials serving on the Downtown Development Authority.

Other items on the agenda include:

City Hall Wingo Street Parking Lot Project: The original project, which was approved in October, converted the parking lot's seven spots into 18, but it blocked the connectivity to Wingo Street. A second project was proposed where the lot was still open to Wingo, but the number of parking spaces decreased to 14. At the February city council meeting, the council voiced that they would like to see a third option for the proposed parking lot to utilize some unused greenspace.

Noise Control Ordinance Revision: The revision was tabled earlier this month so that more information on decibels and where the decibels should be measured (if it's at the site of the noise, at the edge of the property or at the site of the complaint) can be clarified and considered before a motion was made.

New homes on Thrasher Street revision: In December, the council passed a rezoning case so that homes could be built at 152 Thrasher Street. The concept plan for the homes have been changed and updated to work better with the existing topography by saving more trees and meeting the safety concerns of the fire department, so the council will look at the new plan.

Outdoor wireless Internet service: The item suggests that the downtown area and the city's parks will have access to free outdoor wifi, following a proposal passed by the city of Douglasville.

Also on the agenda:

  • The ordinance/resolution establishing a vacant or foreclosed real property register, which has been discussed in previous meetings
  • A revision to the Proposed Sign Ordinance Amendments (Section 115-187 and Section 115-189)
  • An update to the official zoning map
  • A presentation of the EB-5 Visa Project
  • The Intergovernmental agreement for mutual aid with Gwinnett Municipal Agencies
  • The Electric Rate Study
  • Directional signs to parks
  • 2013 Resolution for alcohol at the Summer Concert Series and other special events
  • Annual tree planting initiatives
  • The Title AD Valorem Tax Intergovernmental Agreement, which is supposed to go into effect in March for the county

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