Norcross Councilman, Mayor Pro Tem to Seek Re-Election

Andrew Hixson and Ross Kaul aim to stay on the Norcross City Council for another two-year term; Councilman David McLeroy, whose term also ends this year, has remained undecided on running again.

With Norcross' qualification period next week for the city council, Mayor Pro Tem Andrew Hixson and Councilman Ross Kaul have announced that they will seek re-election as their terms end this year.

Councilman David McLeroy, whose term also ends Dec. 31, has said to Norcross Patch that he remains undecided if he wishes to rejoin the council next year.

Both Kaul and Hixson have been on the council for two terms now, equaling four years.

"I'd love to be re-elected," said Hixon, who's a banker. "We have a good-functioning city council right now, and I think, for the most part, I feel that the city is much better now than it was when I joined the council."

"I love serving the citizens. I look at it like I'm giving back," said Kaul, who's retired after 37 years in the metal steel business. "I like to treat others the same way I like to be treated. Everybody appreciates that."

Both councilmen have projects they were proud to be a part of during their time on the council so far. For Kaul, he spearheaded city hall's paperless initiative, which, he said, has cut city costs by six figures and increased productivity among staff members.

Kaul is also proud of last year's , especially since it's the main reason why the council voted to this past city council meeting. The millage rate was predicted to increase in order to make up for lost revenue, but because of the newly annexed businesses, the council decided to see first how much revenue they would generate for the city.

Some of the noteworthy items Hixson has worked on during his two terms on the council have been outdoor-related: the completion of the parks master plan; the completion of ; economic development; and increasing Norcross' green space.

"I'm pretty big on parks and access to parks," he said. "Norcross has a lot of parks, but they're all in downtown Norcross, so I was interested in seeing how we could get parks into other areas of the city, especially to the east side of Buford Highway."

As for future plans for Norcross, Hixson said he would like to continue the implementation of the parks master plan; add an overlay district to Beaver Ruin Road and Jimmy Carter Boulevard; and continue the implementation of the city's updated .

For Kaul, the LCI study is high on his priority list, too, particularly the connectivity. He explained that extending the walkability and bike paths from Medlock Bridge and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard to areas such as North Peachtree and Sunset Drive is the next big thrust from him.

"We know Norcross wants that," he said. 

Also, Kaul said he wishes to simply keep city goods and services the way they're going in Norcross.

"Our quality of Norcross here is fantastic, and we're ve got to keep that going. My trash gets picked up every Tuesday morning, my debri gets picked up every other Tuesday, and it's just fantastic, so we have to keep that flowing," he said.

Kaul has lived in Norcross for six years years, is married, and has seven children and 12 grandchildren. Also married, Hixson has been a resident of Norcross for eight years and owns one dog and two cats.

The qualification period for the Norcross City Council starts Monday, Aug. 27, and ends Friday, Aug. 31. For more details on the qualification process, .

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Neva Spell August 25, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Time for another election. Inquiring minds want to know: 1. Do we still have a Business-City Plan? 2. Is there an official City Charter to view? 3. What is the difference between incorporated Norcross and unincorporated Norcross? 4. What is our city Branding? 5. Are we a City Council voted or Mayor voted Government? 6. How many City Council members are on the Council? 7. Is it a rotating election system or do we re-elect each one every year? 8. Is the City run like a business, making profit, or is it a profitless-business and why? 9. Can a private citizen view the City's bank statements? 10.Who spends the most money, on what, for the City, is this being monitored, and by who? 11 .Who controls most major ideas or decisions regarding City policies, Mayor or Council? 12. Why are we rezoning east of the City? 13. Is there more office/hotel/business space being pursued for future rezoning? 14. Can we actually regain and gain back more of the rezoning lost to Peachtree Corners? Or, do we really need to and why would we? 15. Why would we want any other types of businesses in the Downtown area permitted in? If so, why, what and who would it benefit? 16. Do we need any more events that close the streets and why? 17. Should permits be scrutinized and really pushed for more financial help from organizations that want to have events here? 18. How much money is the City investing in each festival allowed here? 19. Much more to ask . . .CHEERS:-}
Neva Spell August 25, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Continued from above: 20. What is the best Business-City Plan for this City and who is in charge of putting it together and when? 21. What is a City Charter and does it need updating? 22. What is a City Branding and do we need it? 23. Where is the most money being spent and is it needed? 24. How can we run the city on a profit and make it legal? And, why can't a City be profitable? Should the laws be changed? And how? 25. Which rezoning direction would be the best for the City and why? 26. What should be done with the Extended Stays? Are they worth the crimes? 27. What is the worst crime in the City and how should it be challenged to stop? 28. Does the Police Department need updates in their holding facilities or is it sufficient for the amount of crimes committed? 29. Is a pro-active Police presence important or more of a reactive and why? 30. Should the City be more proactive with the schools in the area, why and how? 31. Why do parents tend to send the Elementary level children to private schools avoiding the Public Schools? Is there a solution on the City's level? 32. The vision for Downtown has been Retail, Restaurants and Public Services in the past. Why should it remain that or why should it be anything different? 33. Are the public parks secured and do we see more crime in them or not? 34. Is the fountain safe for children? 35. Should there be a sound level placed on concerts? 36. Should bigger events/concerts be moved to Webb Park?
Neva Spell August 25, 2012 at 07:16 PM
37. Why are so many people 'hanging out' in the City and are they really spending money? 38. Why are so many employees allowed to park in front of businesses that should actually be occupied with paying customers? 39. Do we really need a City Manager, why or why not? 40. What is their job description? 41. Do we need to put emphasis on the City's infrastructure, why or why not? 41. Where would we start first and why? 42. Whats the most traveled or over the speed limit road we have and how to control it and how? 43. Is the Police Dept. up to its quota per Citizen? And, whats the Police to Citizen %? 44. Whats the best way to participate in Norcross High Schools' activities to show support? 45. Is the Council part of NHS' leadership or what position would best to hold there? 46. Do we know the NHS leadership? 47. What is the Council's opinion of NHS and why? 48. How can the City support the Arts, and rethink it again? CHEERS;-}
Sally Toole August 26, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Of your q's the most curious to me are...looking at city bank accounts, and the need of a city manager who does not effectively promote the city or local businesses? Also curious about real estate 'silent partners'... are there any on the council or in city management positions? Should that be public disclosure?
Sarah Bakhtiari August 27, 2012 at 09:58 PM
These are really good questions, Neva! I'll see what I can do in getting the council's opinions on these concerns.


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