How Did Norcross Vote in the 2008 Presidential Election?

Patch takes a look at the numbers for Norcross precincts.

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In the last presidential election, a majority of voters in the Norcross area voted for President Barack Obama, which differs from the rest of Gwinnett County, whose majority of voters went for then-Republican candidate Sen. John McCain.

But, that win for McCain, was not a landslide -- 54.56 percent of voters went for McCain and 44.35 percent for then-Sen. Barack Obama, according to unofficial voting results from Gwinnett County.

Who voted for McCain?

Four of the 12 precincts in the Norcross area had a majority of votes go to McCain. Those were:

Precinct 20, which votes at Summerour Middle School; Precinct 23, which votes at Meadowcreek Elementary; Precinct 50, which votes at Beaver Ridge Elementary; and Precinct 113, which votes at Rockbridge Baptist Church.

Who had the most Democratic votes?

The precinct with the largest percentage of Democratic votes was Precinct 38, which votes at Best Friend Park. Only half of registered voters polled there, but 77.22 percent of voters casted their vote for Obama. It left McCain with 21.66 percent of the votes.

Who had the most Republican votes?

The precinct with the most Republican votes was Precinct 113, which votes at Rockbridge Baptist Church. McCain had 72.74 percent of the vote at the precinct, and Obama had 26.78 percent. The total percentage of registered voters who polled was 78.58 percent.

What was the closest race?

The closest race between the candidates was at Precinct 58 at St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church. Out of the 63.78 percent of the poll's registered voters who went to the polls, 48.96 percent voted for McCain and 50.04 percent voted for Obama. There was only a difference of 1 percentage point.

Check out the exact precinct numbers below.

2008 Votes by Precinct (* indicates winner): 

Precinct 12, Berkshire B, Lucky Shoals Community Center, 4651 Britt Rd.

  • Total voted: 60.12 percent
  • McCain: 39.76 percent
  • Obama: 59.14 percent*

Precinct 20, Pinckneyville A, Summerour Middle, 585 Mitchell Rd.

  • Total voted: 68.77 percent
  • McCain: 57.08 percent*
  • Obama: 41.45 percent

Precinct 21, Pinckneyville B, Rockbridge Elementary, 6066 Rockbridge School Rd.

  • Total voted: 61.71 percent
  • McCain: 22.04 percent
  • Obama: 76.89 percent*

Precinct 23, Pinckneyville D, Meadowcreek Elementary, 5025 Georgia Belle Court

  • Total voted: 77.73 percent
  • McCain: 60.44 percent*
  • Obama: 38.27 percent

Precinct 38, Pinckneyville F, Best Friend Park, 6224 Jimmy Carter Blvd.

  • Total voted: 50.74 percent
  • McCain: 21.66 percent
  • Obama: 77.22 percent*

Precinct 50, Pinckneyville I, Beaver Ridge Elementary, 1978 Beaver Ruin Rd.

  • Total voted: 65.33 percent
  • McCain: 53.24 percent*
  • Obama: 44.78 percent

Precinct 51, Pinckneyville J, John Wesley United Methodist Church, 5320 Jimmy Carter Blvd.

  • Total voted: 60.42 percent
  • McCain: 31.90 percent
  • Obama: 67.04 percent*

Precinct 58, Pinckneyville K, St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church, 925 Beaver Ruin Rd.

  • Total voted: 63.78 percent
  • McCain: 48.96 percent
  • Obama: 50.04 percent*

Precinct 87, Pinckneyville S, St. Patrick's Catholic Church, 2140 Beaver Ruin Rd.

  • Total voted: 58.33 percent
  • McCain: 32.63 percent
  • Obama: 66.27 percent*

Precinct 113, Pinckneyville V, Rockbridge Baptist Church, 1012 Rockbridge Rd.

  • Total voted: 78.58 percent
  • McCain: 72.74 percent*
  • Obama: 26.78 percent

Precinct 114, Pinckneyville W, Hopewell Baptist Church, 182 Hunter St.

  • Total voted: 54.50 percent
  • McCain: 34.11 percent
  • Obama: 64.82 percent*

Precinct 123, Pinckneyville Y, Iglesia Bautista Nueva Jerusalen, 5300 Williams Rd.

  • Total voted: 71.97 percent
  • McCain: 28.61 percent
  • Obama: 70.53 percent*

Note: This report does not include polling areas in the city of Peachtree Corners.

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