How Suwanee Voted 2012: Precinct by Precinct

A look at Suwanee and Gwinnett voting results for president.

Courtesy of Gwinnett County and state elections officials, we bring you a precinct by precinct breakdown of Tuesday's voting for president.

The city was in line with Gwinnett County as a whole -- it backed GOP nominee Mitt Romney over President Obama.

Overall in Gwinnett, Romney received 53.9 percent of votes -- 159,536 of 295,560 ballots cast. Obama received 44.6 percent (131,879 votes), and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 1.3 percent (4,118 votes).

But some areas of the county were quite different. .

Suwanee results:

Suwanee A

Barack Obama: 356

Mitt Romney: 528

Gary Johnson: 17


Suwanee B

Barack Obama: 756

Mitt Romney: 1,519

Gary Johnson: 39


Suwanee C

Barack Obama: 790

Mitt Romney: 1,646

Gary Johnson: 51


Suwanee D

Barack Obama: 655

Mitt Romney: 1,980

Gary Johnson: 36


Suwanee E

Barack Obama: 631

Mitt Romney: 1,745

Gary Johnson: 39


Suwanee F

Barack Obama: 808

Mitt Romney: 1,291

Gary Johnson: 29


Suwanee G

Barack Obama: 721

Mitt Romney: 1,245

Gary Johnson: 39


Suwanee H

Barack Obama: 488

Mitt Romney: 1,713

Gary Johnson: 20

Here are complete Gwinnett precinct breakdowns.

-- How did you vote for president? What surprised you about the results, locally or nationally? Tell us in the comments below.

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Steve Burns November 08, 2012 at 01:06 PM
This article and the link to overall Gwinnett precinct voting is another example of the diversity of this county.


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