Gwinnett Village CID Outlines Top Projects in Bike/Ped Study

The bicycle and pedestrian connectivity study covers the Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Indian Trail Road corridors in the greater Norcross area.

After months of researching possible bicycle and pedestrian routes for the Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Indian Trail Road corridors in the greater Norcross area, the Gwinnett Village CID has created a projects list that's on its way for finalization.

And that list is pretty long: 71 projects, to be exact.

"It's looking at the intersections and crossings, connections to transit, connections to the commercial properties in this area, and connecting the LCI communities and connecting to the city," said Alyssa Sinclair, project manager for Gwinnett Village. "This is looking [at the] big picture, where people want to go when they're walking and they're riding bicycles."

While the study is a 20- to 30-year plan, six of the 71 projects are on a five-year action plan since they're top priority. The community improvement district plans to start some of them as soon as early next year.

Sinclair noted the following top projects:

Multi-use trail from Norcross to Lilburn: Considered to be two projects, the bicycle and pedestrian trail would travel along Indian Trail from Georgia Belle Court in Norcross to Killian Hill and the city of Lilburn. The trail also would connect with the Beaver Ruin project, the work that the city of Norcross is doing in that area, and five LCI communities.

Mid-block pedestrian crossing or median at South Norcross Tucker Road: South Norcross Tucker is known to be an area of high pedestrian crashes. Sinclair explained how there are many people crossing the street without a signal, so a median or a crossing would benefit there.

Sidewalks on Harbins Road: Even though Harbins is a residential area, the CID wants to give residents access to the outside commercial property and bus stop on South Norcross Tucker Road. The county has told the CID that there may be potential funding from the community development block grant program for the project.

Jimmy Carter at Oakbrook Parkway and North Nodes: Sinclair noted that Jimmy Carter and Oakbrook is an important redevelopment area.The connectivity plan recommends bike lanes, sidewalks, sharrows and multi-use trails for the area. Up north on Jimmy Carter would follow the same bicycle and pedestrian enhancements, in addition to connecting with Buford Highway and the city of Norcross and Peachtree Corners.

For full details on the bike/ped study, download the full project list off the Gwinnett Village CID website.

What do you think about these projects? Tell us in the comments.

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