City Starts Skin Alley Block Project

The first phase of the project begins Thursday in downtown Norcross.

The Skin Alley Block Project has begun construction for its first phase, according to the city of Norcross website.

According to the article, workers will be tearing up the asphalt along the alley so that a new sewer and water line can run though, in addition to installing grease traps for restaurants there. Conduit also will be added so that electrical lines could possibly run through, if funding for underground utilities becomes available.

"By planning ahead, we won't have to replace any of the new work being done now," explained Craig Mims, Norcross' Director of Public Works, Utilities and Parks, in the article. "Although the funds are not currently available to go underground, that is something that is being considered for the future."

People and cars still will be able to access the alley during construction, but the public should be cautious considering the debri, says the article.

For the full article, check it out on the city website here.

, the city earlier this month sent out a bid for the second phase. This next phase would remove the existing asphalt, widen the actual alley by several feet, and add infrastructure to the storefronts facing the alley.

For more information about the Skin Alley Block Project, contact Project Manager Mary Beth Bender in Norcross Public Works, Utilities and Parks Department at 678-421-2000 or at mbender@norcrossga.net.


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