Suspects in Nick Jackson Death Claim Father is Drug Dealer

Two of the seven suspects said they broke into the home during the February incident hoping to find money, and the son was shot in the process. Nick Jackson Sr. was arrested last week on drug distribution charges.

Two suspects charged in a case involving the death of a Norcross teen during a home invasion claimed that they were looking for drug money that allegedly belonged to the boy's father, according to media reports.

Prosecutors came forward with the information during a federal court hearing for Nicholas Jackson Sr., the father of the in February, and eight other suspects who were .

According to WSB-TV, prosecutors said that two of the seven home invasion suspects claimed they knew Jackson was a drug dealer and they were after $1 million in the home on Autry Street.

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The two suspects are cooperating in the home invasion investigation with the Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office. They only broke into the home for the money, said the suspects, but Jackson's son was shot in the process when he walked in on the robbery.

The drug distribution allegedly goes back to January 2011, according to the indictment filed July 25 with the U.S. District Court. The investigation makes the prosecutors believe that Jackson was a distributor of Mexican cocaine while working with a distributing network of Mexican nationals, according to WSB.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Skye Davis told the news station that Jackson has been charged with conspiracy to launder drug proceeds, conspiracy to distribute cocaine and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

For the full story, check out the WSB article.

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Molly Elmore August 08, 2012 at 01:37 PM
I was not surprised about this development at all. Around the time of the shooting, kids at Norcross High were posting on Facebook that the Dad was a drug dealer. According to their posts, he was not very discreet about his business.
Karen Harris October 17, 2013 at 05:10 PM
And now he will have to live with the fact that he is the cause of his son's death. A heavy cross to carry....


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