Two More Cell Phone Stores Robbed

Two armed robberies were reported at cell phone stores this week, adding to the number of similar robberies this month.

Two armed robberies were reported at cell phone stores this week, this month.

The latest reported incident, which occurred Dec. 22 around 11:10 a.m., took place at 100% Celulares Latinos at 5942 Buford Highway in the City of Norcross.

According to the Norcross Police report, the employee said she was robbed by a man. The man first came into the store asking for the woman who buys gold, to which the employee replied that she was actually at their other store location. She gave the man a business card and told him that he could phone the woman.

Five minutes went by and the man came back to the store and asked for a BlackBerry case. As the employee had her back to the man, he went around the counter, grabbed her and poked her in the side with something that felt like a gun, the victim told police.

He told her to open the cash register and safety box, she said, but there was no cash in either spot. The suspect then saw her purse and said to give him the money inside. She complied and gave him an undisclosed amount of cash.

He then allegedly shoved her into the back bathroom and told her to close the door. Making sure that he left, the employee waited about five minutes before exiting the bathroom and then called police.

On Dec. 21, the Sprint Store at 6000 Peachtree Industrial Blvd in the City of Norcross was also robbed by gunpoint. According to the report, the two employees told Norcross Police that two men walked into the store around 7:35 p.m. and immediately ordered them to the ground, pointing a brown paper bag with what looked like a gun inside.

One of the suspects ordered one of the victims to stand up and show him where the phones were. The victim said he walked to the phone storage area, and the suspect demanded the phones.

He stuffed an undisclosed number of smart phones in the bag, and did the same for cash from an open safe. The two men then exited through the back door of the business.

The Celulares incident . In that case, the lone suspect asked for cell phone cases and told her to stay in the bathroom as he left, too. In addition, the owner of Boost Mobile informed police that his other store in Lawrenceville had been robbed just two days before in a similar fashion.


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