Police Say Woman Lied About Kidnapping

Pamela Ann Strong made up a story about a kidnapping attempt because she was upset that parents weren't watching their child while shopping, Lilburn police said.

A woman fabricated a story about an attempted kidnapping of a child in a Lilburn store, police said, because she was angry that the child's parents weren't watching him while they were shopping.

Lilburn police arrested Pamela Ann Strong on Sept. 17 and charged her with false report of a crime.

Strong told police on Aug. 30 that she had seen a man try to kidnap a boy at Park Avenue Thrift Store. In trying to find the suspect, Lilburn police questioned her again on Sept. 14, and Strong admitted then that she had made up the story and that she never saw the suspect touch the child or attempt to grab him.

"This is a serious offense," said Lilburn Police spokesman Capt. Ben Haynes. "The department spent several man hours trying to locate this suspect. The department takes these types of reports extremely serious and when this was intitially reported other investigations were dropped to focus on this one."

In the initial investigation, the child's father told police that he was looking at pants while his son was in the toy section. Strong was "upset the child's parents let him look at the toys by himself and were not watching him."

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hsstanton September 21, 2012 at 10:26 PM
What an idiot. And since when is letting your kid look at toys unsupervised a crime? The people who kidnap kids are the criminals, not the people who have kids. If someone steals my car is my fault for leaving parked in my driveway vs in the garage with a 24/7 guard? If someone was targeting and killing fat and extremely ugly black women would she be in the wrong for going out without a guard? Of course not! People need to back off and mind their own business! Besides, people like this woman don't do things like that to protect the child, they do it to bring attention to themselves in an attempt to portray themselves as a good person and better than the person they're trying to get in trouble. Imo it's a mental issue. If you have a mental problem then fine, but when it affects others in a negative way then it should be dealt with, in this case she should spend some time in jail and in front of a shrink.


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