Man Steals Flat Screen TV From Church

Check out the weird police news from around the region.

It's holiday season, but that doesn't slow down unusual criminal behavior. Snatching, shouting and shooting continue.

A man asked another man if he could borrow his bike at a Sonic drive-in in unincorporated Norcross. The bike owner said yes, and now there's a new bike owner.

A television has a new owner after it was swiped from a church in Bogart. Somebody forced a door open at Bogart Christian Church and made off with a flat-screen TV.

Another man in Norcross succeeded in a snatching, but he didn't get the bag he wanted. When he demanded a woman's purse, she gave him her lunchbox instead. So there is such a thing as a free lunch.

An Athens employee found something he didn't like in his lunch -- a trace of cleaning agent in his water bottle. Police couldn't find a culprit, but poison control officials assured the victim the low concentration was harmless.

There was potentially less harmless activity, as well.

A woman in Athens called police to say a bullet had been fired through her apartment ceiling. She found the bullet next to the kitchen wall. The upstairs neighbor is suspected.

In Dacula, a woman was startled in the middle of the night when a man began pounding on the door and yelling for help. He entered the unlocked house when she retreated for a box cutter, then left again when she told him to. The woman told police she didn't think he meant to hurt her, and the man told them he was seeking refuge from attackers.

In Oconee, a Division of Family and Children Services worker was threatened with a broken broom handle while making a visit in the Pinewood Estates South mobile home park. A woman is accused of pursuing the worker from the house to her car, and then tussling with deputies when they came to arrest her.

There was actual hitting, and then running, in a traffic accident at Scenic Highway and Webb Ginn Road. The man accused of leaving the scene called police from a Grayson Walgreens 30 minutes later, claiming his car had been struck in the parking lot. When the tags from his car matched the runaway vehicle from the earlier accident, the jig was up.

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