Man Attacks Intruders With Baseball Bat

Weird Police News: There are a lot of ways to attack and defend, and Northeast Georgia villains and victims have tried most.

When some people are after you, resisting is a good idea.

An Athens man smacked an intruder with a baseball bat after the guy kicked his door in, and the guy ran away with his door-kicking friends.

A woman in Norcross beat back a man who sprayed her with pepper spray and  tried to choke her while she cleaned a hotel room. Her quick thinking helped get her to safety.

But when the police are after you, resisting generally leads to more trouble. A Barrow County man whose dogs attacked officers trying to arrest him lost his dogs in that exchange.

Running from the police might also lead you to end up in a tree with a deputized dog on your tail, which is what happened to a possible burglary suspect in Oconee County.

It's better, if you're caught with a bunch of metal that doesn't belong to you, just to stop the truck, like these folks did.

And when nobody's after you, you might be best off just leaving them alone. Don't get out of the car and confront people after they throw a cup at your windshield. Don't get in a big fight about credit card charges at Pizza Hut. Don't go slashing tires on neighborhood security vehicles.

There's enough trouble in the world without going looking for it.


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