Local Tavern Burglarized

Safe stolen from Historic Norcross watering hole late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Someone apparently broke into the Iron Horse Tavern in the historic downtown area, managing to make out with the safe, according to police.

Cpt. Brian Harr of the Norcross Police Dept. said that someone apparently entered the bar between the hours of midnight on Aug. 14 and 9 a.m. on Aug. 15.  Harr said he believes that more than one person was involved in the break-in, since it appears that they carried the safe out of the bar instead of dragging it.

Parts of the wooden fence around the Iron Horse patio were broken, perhaps to shimmy the safe though.

“We’re currently going through physical evidence,” said Harr, adding that there are no specific leads at this time. “With this, we’ll look at a lot of different angles,” he added.

The bar backs up directly to City Hall and the Norcross Police Department.

Despite the City's recent investment in the Iron Sky surveillance system, Harr said that there is no video of the incident. The physical camera installation and surveillance room were only recently finished up, said Harr, and some technical details are still being finalized with the actual footage. 

Regardless, the Iron Sky system does not give a full video picture of the downtown area. It does not “sweep back and forth” but is only stationed in predetermined locations, said Harr. “We have video of Thrasher, but we couldn’t determine anything from that,” he said.

The city plans to expand the Iron Sky network to other locations, like Beaver Ruin Road and Mitchell Road, in the future. 

The Tavern, at 29 Jones Street, is one of the oldest standing buildings in the historic area. It is owned by the Dunwoody Restaurant Group, which also has English-style pubs in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Cumming, among other locations. 


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