Inside the Police Reports: Worker Hits Man With Truck

After an argument at a job site, a man hits another man with his truck.

A man told Gwinnett County Police that a contractor allegedly hit him with his truck after an argument.

This is according to a Gwinnett County Police report:

On Sept. 23, two men were at a job site at Bank of America at 5125 Oakbrook Parkway. James Dickerson told police he was at the site when a contractor, Thomas Noel, arrived. Noel started to load equipment into his trailer, and Dickerson told him that not all of the equipment was his and they needed to sort through it.

Dickerson was standing slightly in front of the driver’s side of the truck. Noel was inside the truck. Noel yelled an obscenity at the other man, hit the gas pedal and peeled out. The truck’s front bumper clipped Dickerson’s left leg, he told police.

Dickerson said he was knocked to the ground, as Noel drove off at a high rate of speed. He told police he had bruises and his hip was sore.

One of Dickerson’s co-workers told police he witnessed the incident. He said Dickerson told the other man not to leave the parking lot.

Police say they do not know if the driver hit Dickerson intentionally.

Inside Police Reports runs regularly every week. The information is based solely on police incident reports provided on request.


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