Inside the Police Reports: Vandalism by Bleach, Crazy Ex-Lovers

In two separate Norcross-area incidents involving exes who go too far, the victims allege that they trespassed into their homes and vandalized it, in addition to other crimes.

Victims in two separate Norcross-area incidents have alleged that people whom they knew trespassed into their homes and vandalized it with bleach, in addition to other crimes.

In one particular incident in the city of Norcross, a 28-year-old resident told Norcross police how her ex-boyfriend went too far--twice. On Aug. 31, she alleged that her ex-boyfriend had entered her apartment and bleached her clothing, in addition to slashing her tires, according to the police report.

After informing the suspect via text and voicemail that she had reported the incident, he allegedly came back to her apartment the next day with something more deadly. He started physically abusing her and said, "I should kill you right now; you don't understand that I love you to death."

The report states that he threatened her with a knife, including in front of her 7-year-old daughter. He stayed overnight at her residence, and she dropped him off in the morning at a local hotel before going straight to police headquarters.

In a separate incident, a man told Gwinnett police how his house in unincorporated Norcross had been trashed by an 18-year-old Lawrenceville woman. She is the ex-girlfriend of his roommate, he said.

The homeowner said that the incident occurred while he was gone for a few hours on a Sunday in August. When he came home, he had found trash strewn all over his home and bleach had been poured on his carpets throughout the house, according to the police report. Several mirrors, the front door and the headboard on one of his beds had been broken, and bleach had been poured on his carpets.

Nothing was missing from the home, he said.

A witness said that he, the ex-boyfriend and another witness had arrived at the residence while the vandalism was happening. A slight brawl went down between the exes, but she eventually left.

Right before the vandalism was reported, though, the ex-girlfriend had reported an incident of her own--the domestic disturbance that had involved her ex-boyfriend. During this report, police observed that she was pregnant and had obvious health issues, so it was hard to believe that she did the damage to the home when the homeowner reported it.

Because of these reasons, and because only one witness was able to provide a written statement, no warrant for an arrest or charge was obtained, and no was sent to jail.

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