Man Arrested for Exposing Himself at Waffle House

A homeless man showed himself to two women at a Norcross Waffle House, according to the victims' statements.

A homeless man was arrested for public intoxication, open container and public indecency after he allegedly showed himself and yelled drunken obscenities to two sisters at a local Waffle House.

According to the police report, the sisters, a 28-year-old from Loganville and a 25-year-old from Dawsonville, visited at in unincorporated Norcross to grab a meal late in the evening on Dec. 6.

The older sister told police they saw a man urinating outside the restaurant when they arrived. They ignored the man and continued inside. After finishing their food, they exited Waffle House and walked back to their car, only to be bothered by the same person. 

The man, a 49-year-old homeless person, began yelling obscenities at them. He also grabbed his groin area, said the older sister.

She told him to leave them alone, but he only ignored her, following them to their car. After approaching their vehicle, she told police that he exposed himself to them through the window. The younger sister told police she didn't see the man's genitals, but only because she was leaning down to put her carry out container inside the car. She said she saw him slapping the passenger side window, though.

Screaming at him, the older sister exited the vehicle and proceeded to call authorities.

Through slurred speech and with alcohol in his breath, the suspect told police that he didn't expose himself to the victims. He called the two women derogatory names and said the officer should check their records because he's certain they have charges for prostitution and methamphetamine use, according to the officer's write up in the police report. 

The man also had two open containers of alcohol with him. A restaurant worker said that the man had been eating there earlier that day.

The officer arrested the man for public indecency, public intoxication and an open container, and he was transported to the Gwinnett County jail.


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