Cake, Baby Jackets Found Outside Vandalized Apartment Gates

Inside the Police Reports: At Arbor Mill Apartments in the Norcross area, Gwinnett Police found padlocks placed at the front gates that prohibited anyone from entering and exiting.

This must have been a strange sight: Gwinnett police found a birthday cake and baby jackets outside an apartment complex's front gates, which someone had vandalized by placing padlocks on it.

According to the police report, an officer responded to a suspicious activity call at Arbor Mill Apartments off Graves Road in unincorporated Norcross around 3:30 a.m. one Sunday in November. Dispatch had explained that no one could enter or exit the complex because two men had placed locks on the front gates.

The officer observed that the padlocks had been placed on the motor portion of the gates, which indeed prohibited it from opening even after using the access code.

Before the padlocks were found, though, the officer first saw a cake in front of the exit gate and two small baby jackets hanging on the exit and entry gates. The report doesn't state if the officer suspected these items had anything to do with the locks, though.

Gwinnett Fire arrived to cut and remove the padlocks, but the gate still wouldn't open with the access code. The officer had to manually open the gate in order for residents to use the entrance.

The police report states that the total repair costs for the gate could cost up to $3,000.

Inside Police Reports runs regularly every week. The information is based solely on police incident reports provided on request.

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