Robbery Suspect's Demand Note Says 'I Need $20,000 Please & Thank You'

Inside the Police Reports: The male suspect, who had four similar notes up his sleeve in addition to a large kitchen knife, is accused of attempting to rob a Norcross check cashing business, according to police.

Norcross Police arrested an attempted armed robbery suspect at a bus stop off Beaver Ruin Road after a nearby check cashing business reported that someone had tried to rob them.

The accused Norcross man, Q. Somah Paygai, who was positively identified by the victim, an employee of Atlanta Check Cashers, had a large kitchen knife and demand notes that police found up his sleeve, according to the incident report. The notes read:

  • "I need 300 from this establishment"
  • "I need about $20,000 please & thank you,"
  • "I need 20,000, would be appreciated thank you" and
  • "Need a key to a car that would be appreciated"

A similar note to the $300 demand was given to the employee at the cashing business, located at 1995 Indian Trail Road. The victim told police that Paygai entered the business at around 7 p.m. one Thursday, stepped up to her window and stated that he wanted to cash a check.

She told him to let her see the check, but he instead handed her a note that read, "I would like to withdraw $300 from your register." The employee thought he was joking, but she became uneasy when she noticed he was fidgeting, putting his hands in his pockets and trying to conceal his face with a baseball cap.

She handed the note to her co-worker, who also became uneasy. Another employee saw their discomfort and pressed the business' panic button, which alerted police.

Paygai then appeared nervous and exited the business without the money, according to witnesses and the victim.

After they gave a detailed description of the suspect to police, officers found  found someone, later identified as Paygai, matching that description across the street at a bus stop outside Lowe's. Police then found him with the weapon and notes, and the victim identified him as the attempted armed robber.

Paygai was arrested and charged with criminal attempt to commit a felony crime, possession of a knife during a theft, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Inside the Police Reports runs regularly every week. The information is based solely on police incident reports provided on request.

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