Attempted Burglary at Vet's Office Brought More Bark Than Bite

Not even using a rock could gain the would-be suspects entry into The Village Vets in Stone Mountain.

Two burglary suspects tried but failed to break into on Rockbridge Road on the Gwinnett County side of unincorporated Stone Mountain last week, according to the police report.

The police officer who arrived at the scene of the burglary attempt call on Sept. 4 saw what an employee had discovered earlier that morning: one of the front window panes at The Village Vets was smashed. But an additional layer of glass behind the first one foiled the suspects' plan to bust in that way.

The officer noticed that there were also several scrape marks on the door, which looked as if the suspect(s) had tried to smash through it: "However they had no luck," the officer wrote in the police report.

The burglary attempt was caught on video surveillance monitoring the business, the officer manager advised.

The police officer watched the video and saw two black males driving what appeared to be a black Chrysler 300, the police report states. The driver was dressed in black shorts, black shirt, red cap and white gloves. He exited the car, walked up to the front window and touched it under his shirt, according to the report.

Next, the driver "retrieves a bolder [sic] from the passenger," the officer noted. He tried to smash the window with it a few times - to no avail. The driver/suspect gave the rock back to the passenger, who was also wearing all black, as well as a black cap with a white visor.

The suspects drove off. 

The officer said in the report that it appeared as if the passenger had the rock in his lap during the drive to the location and also served as a look-out.

Just prior to receiving the burglary attempt call, the officer had responded to another burglary at 5355 Five Forks Trickum Rd., at . A rock, which looked like the one the suspects tried at The Village Vet, was used to enter Total Power Products, the officer noted.

"These two incidents may have been committed by the same suspects,"  according to the report.

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