A Bizarre Taxi Ride

A taxi driver reported he was robbed by a woman who may not have had a weapon, but went ballistic in his car.

A Gwinnett County Police officer was conducting weekly taxi inspections at the permits office when a taxi driver asked to speak with the officer in person.

The taxi driver, 43, of Duluth, unraveled an odd story of him being robbed by a woman four or five months ago while working in unincorporated Norcross around Jimmy Carter Boulevard, Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and Buford Highway.

According to the police report, she had waved him down and told him she needed to go to a Quik Trip on Jimmy Carter. She didn't have any money, the driver said, but her friends waiting at the QT would pay him. The friends weren't at the gas station when the taxi arrived, and they never showed.

The driver said he needed to leave, so the passenger told him to take her to a hotel on the same road. When he brought her to the hotel, he said, the female went ballistic.

She then grabbed over the seat and put her arms around his neck. He pushed her away, which prompted the passenger to start tearing apart his car. She threatened the driver by saying she would call police and claim he raped her.

The driver simply told her to get out and the ride was free, since he didn't want anything else to do with her. The woman instead told him to give her all of his money. The driver told police that he was afraid of the woman, so he gave her all the money in his wallet, which was somewhere between $20 to $30.

She then told him to drop her off where he originally picked her up, and he complied. Before exiting the vehicle, she asked him for more money. He told her he didn't have any, so she left.

The driver told police that he wasn't sure of the exact date of the incident, but he wanted a record of it just in case the woman was pulling the same stunt on other drivers. This scenario is similar to other reported incidents in the Gwinnett area, involving .


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