Which Words Would You Like to See Retired in 2013?

“Zombie Apocalypse” made Time Online’s list. What would be on yours?

You know the ones. Words that are overused, misused, shortened and created to become part of our dialogue each and every day.

Anybody with a teenager can come up with a dozen or more, we’re sure. Around here, I hear “meh” way too often. The kids in our house don’t say “YOLO” anymore; that “literally” came and went during the summer and we’re on to more “hip” words and phrases around here. 

“Hip.” That’s a word you don’t hear anymore. "First World Problem" is one that I'd like to see just ... go away!

Most of us don’t even know what the “fiscal cliff” really is, yet it has become a part of our cultural dictionary.

Check out Time Online's list.

Which words would you see stricken from your family’s vocabulary? Are there words you would add to the list?

Lynn January 09, 2013 at 01:47 PM
"Racist." One of the most overused and improperly used words in our language today. Since my comment wasn't directed toward any one race -- speaking and writing proper English seems to be universally ignored these days -- and it doesn't indicate any race is superior over others, I don't think racism applies. It's sad. I'm back in school, and every instructor I have feels it necessary to specify all communications, essays, and other papers must contain proper capitalization, complete sentences, and no text-speak.
Racer X January 09, 2013 at 01:55 PM
Lynn- I'm right in there with you. My mother taught for 30 years and the Ebonics fad really made her sick to her stomach. We are in trouble because our government rewards ignorance and penalizes success.
Good Grief Y'all January 09, 2013 at 02:56 PM
Racer, pardon me if I don't believe that about your wife. However, it's possible since she already knows you only too well, and may even be complicit in your bad behavior. Hormones are a very personal matter. This isn't the first time you have used them in your comments. You've made reference to genitals, too. It is you who would fail a maturity evaluation. My husband IS an awesome guy. He should give lessons.
Good Grief Y'all January 09, 2013 at 03:06 PM
John B, you're paying way too much attention to me. If my husband decides to give lessons on how to be a nice guy and gentleman, shall I sign you up? For you the price would be very high, though. You would require a lot of time, with no guarantee of even a modicum of success. BTW, I mostly just answer others' questions to me. I think its rude to ignore folks. I share no nonsense, but I do sometimes answer stupid questions. Racer asked and I answered. I rarely pop in on someone else's conversation, and never to insult or snipe. You have a great day, now. :)


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