Speak Out: How Do You Monitor Your Teen's Driving?

Have the recent teen car accidents in Norcross made you extra cautious?

This past week, the Norcross area saw two teen car accidents that have been disastrous to those involved.

On Wednesday, April 25, student Alex Mora was injured in off Beaver Ruin Road. The car overturned at one point and crushed Mora, causing him to be in a medically induced coma, according to police.

And last Sunday, student while going to an after-prom party with some friends. Four other students were injured, and the police report indicates speed as a factor in the collision.

Lindsey and Mora were not the ones behind the wheel, but the drivers, who were also students, have been arrested for multiple charges.

Teen driving has always been a deeply discussed topic, and considering the recent accidents, we want to know:

Have you tightened the driving rules for your teen since the recent accidents? How do you monitor your child's safety in the car, whether it's your high schooler or a classmate driving?

Tell us in the comments below.


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