Obama Soliciting Help From Citizens to Solve 'Fiscal Cliff'

The president is taking him message straight to the citizens via social media. Is he playing fair?

We've been inundated with news and commentary about President Barack Obama and Congress' struggle to find a point of compromise on the looming "fiscal cliff" issue.

In a recent speech the president urges everyone to send a tweet to their congressmen to let them know they favor his middle class income tax cut program. And he took to Twitter on Monday to answer tweets from citizens with questions on his plan.

Obama is the first president to use the social media to reach the masses. His latest message is posted on a website, Barack Obama, What Does $2,000 Mean to You.

It's a simple question - he invites you to write back with a short message on the impact of an extra two grand would mean in your pocket rather than the government's coffers.

What do you think of his use of the Internet and social media sites to spread his message?

Is he savvy or manipulating the public, many of whom may be largely uneducated on the intricacies of solving this problem?

Jimmy December 06, 2012 at 11:18 PM
The problem isnt that he using social media to spread his message, the problem is he has no message! A president is supposed to lead. He should be in a conference room in the White House with leaders from the House and Senate hashing out a deal. He makes a proposal, they counter. In the end they all meet in what passes for the middle. This guy says I want this, this and that and then he goes off on speeches and vacations and tells people to call their congresspersons to tell them to support the presidents plan. You know, the one that one that doesnt exist. He did it with healthcare and we see how well that went...Obama- be a President, be a leader, be a man. And leave the tweets to the twits...


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