The Reason Why Your Website Doesn’t Work For You… Pt. 2

Your list that you build from your leads is for marketing purposes. It gives you ease of access to market to a captured audience. Think about people who have Mary Kay or some other MLM party.

Why do we build a list?

Your list that you build from your leads is for marketing purposes. It gives you ease of access to market to a captured audience. Think about people who have Mary Kay or some other MLM party. They brought you together to market to you, because you are considered a captured audience.

So we have spent a year building this nice little list of potential buyers and people who are interested in this business. Finally for Christmas was able to put this list to good use… I had recently set them up with an online shopping cart so that people could buy their 1 main product online. Yes, I said a shopping cart for 1 product… But follow me on this and you will see it’s power… December is a very slow month for this client, mostly because it is their off season. So we decided to sell gift certificates for Christmas and put them all online so that we could really track the effectiveness of the campaign.

I set it all up and before I could even send out the email we had 5 orders… I knew then that it was going to be a good sale. So we put together an email talking about the sale and included the links and boom, out it went. Now I have goals for each time I do something like this, based on how much money we spend in advertising dollars and list size. So my goal was to sell 50 items for this Christmas sale. Now keep in mind, this client may do 10 sales all month in December. We weren’t spending that much on advertising, so I figured we should do about 5k in sales. So we opened it up for about 7 days and we were able to hit a little over my goal, which I was very happy with.

The client was too… So happy that they decided to extend the sale after a week of contemplating how much more they could be doing… They asked me to kick it back up again, which I did, but honestly I didn’t think we would do that much more because I had no more advertising dollars to add to it. Boy was I wrong… The 2nd go around was better than the 1st! I was ecstatic to be able to send my client a screen shot of over $12,000 for the gift certificate promotion! WOO WOO!

Who would like 12k infused into their business in December? I know I would! Amazing! I could not have been any happier with the outcome of this small promotion! I have another example of a business where we had less time, but more advertising dollars and we did over 70k in one promotion from their list! Do these lists and lead captures work? If it isn’t obvious to you at this point, then all I can say is, email me and I will explain it to you.

Let me ask you, is your website working for you?

If it isn’t then you may want to call your web designer and ask them how they can help you convert your website into a lead generator. If they can’t do it, email me and either I can help or I can get you with one of my guys that can help. If people can come to your website and look around and not feel compelled to call, email or buy from you then you are losing money. You could have 1000 people on your site every day and it would generate $0 for you if they don’t feel compelled to do something. People need a “call to action”, they need something saying, call today, sign up here, look at this or buy now! Think about infomercials, there is a reason they are still on tv, because they work!

So I hope that you have a better understanding of why your website isn’t working for you. I hope that if you don’t have any call to actions on your website that you will go and add one this week! We can talk all day long about how to get people to your site, but if there isn’t anything for them to buy or a strong call to action then you are missing out! Ask yourself, how can I capture leads from my website, if you don’t have an answer, email me! I would love to help you or point you to someone that can help you! There is no reason that everyone reading this can’t have a website capturing leads for them so that they can run some type of promotion and make 5k extra in a month. So go ahead and get your website setup capturing leads for you!

In closing, I want you to read this quote again and think about your website for your business, does it generate leads or does it just sit there like a pamphlet that people read when they are bored…

Small Businesses Don’t Need Websites, They Need Lead Generators – Sean Vosler


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