Buying A Home? Find Out How A Buyer's Agent Can Help

Hiring a buyer's agent may not cost you money but it could save you thousands.

An agent who is engaged by you to help you search for and purchase the perfect home is considered a buyer’s agent. You may at first wonder what this buyer’s agent is going to cost you? NOTHING!

In most cases, the buyer’s agent is paid from the sellers proceeds at closing. Great news for you. All you owe is loyalty to the agent who is representing you. You will sign an agreement that states that you will work with that agent and that you will contact them to purchase any home for an agreed upon time. The agent in turn promises to work for your best interest.

Did you know buyer’s agents can show you any home? They may show you unlisted homes, for sale by owners, new construction and, of course, resales.

It is important that you call your buyer’s agent first. Let them make contact with sellers to arrange showing times for homes you want to see.

A buyer’s agent can help you avoid costly mistakes.

The buyer’s agent can help you with Internet searches to keep you abreast of any new listings that come on the market. If you have a specific type of home or area you want to focus on, this gives you an opportunity to be the first to view new listings that fit your criteria.

The buyer’s agent may preview listings and if needed photograph homes for you.  The buyer’s agent has previewed 100s of homes and is familiar with the market. They can guide you in your selection and also make certain you are aware of the negative and positive features of any home you might have an interest in.

Hundreds of things affect the value of a home such as location in the subdivision, proximity to schools or highways. The buyer’s agent is there to advise you of the facts to prevent the emotion of the moment controlling the outcome.

Once you begin the search the buyer’s agent can explain the buying steps to you. They will help you prepare an offer to purchase. They will put you in touch with the proper experts to help you. They know lenders, inspectors, contractors and attorneys who will be needed as you move through the process.

The buyer’s agent will help you prepare and negotiate the very best offer possible. They will study the sales and active listings in the neighborhood where your future home is located. They will advise you about schools in the area and will make you aware of any concerns. One of the most important reasons you need a buyers agent is to make sure you are not overpaying and that you are not letting emotion control your decision.

Negotiating on a home purchase requires skill and it is not the same as negotiating on a deal at the office. This is emotional for the buyer and seller and when emotions are involved you need a skilled negotiator to help you wade through the process. The buyer's agent's goal is to help you get the best price and terms possible.

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