Influential People of Norcross: Gene Ramsay

Each week, Patch sits down with someone in Norcross who possesses all the traits of a great leader.

Even though Gene Ramsay has been living in Norcross for only about four years, he knows a lot about the area. As a historian, he's co-authored "Images of America: Norcross," which is the city's first pictorial book, and has written for professional and history journals.

Ramsay does more than just history, though. That's why Patch has covered him in this week's Influential People of Norcross.

What are your different professions/volunteering jobs? 
I work as a supply chain consultant for Profit Point - we use mathematical techniques to help businesses improve their planning and operations.  In my "ample spare time" one of my favorite activities is to give tours of the Fox Theater and Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.

I also hear that you travel a lot for work. What's the best place you've visited? 
My work has taken me to 25 countries or more, personal favorites include Vienna, Austria (full of coffee shops, culture, museums and musical activities) and Capetown, South Africa (stunningly beautiful setting for a city beside the ocean).

How did you become so knowledgeable on Norcross history?
I volunteered to work with Edie Riehm on the book we produced along with Cate Kitchen last year, and learned a lot as part of that project.  I felt that there was a lot more to learn, so I have continued pursuing it, and as a result have met many interesting people along the way.

You and , along with the help of Cate Kitchen, helped put together the . What else have you written and where have you been published?  
I wrote a dissertation as part of my Ph. D. degree program while at Georgia Tech, and have written articles for professional and history journals from time to time over the years, although nothing recently as comprehensive as the Norcross book.

How long have you lived in Norcross?
I have lived in the Atlanta area since I came to school at Georgia Tech, and moved to Norcross in 2008.

What are some of your hobbies?  
History, music and travel are my favorites.


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