Running Toward the Sun

Meet the new Membership & Marketing Director for the Robert D. Fowler YMCA in Peachtree Corners.

Running head first, arms wide open, and smiling all the way, this is how I arrived in Peachtree Corners on August 11, 2012. Well, not exactly running, more like driving but nonetheless, happy to be living back in the south. I moved to Georgia from Everett, Washington, which is about 30 minutes from Seattle, to work for the Robert D. Fowler YMCA. I’m originally from Birmingham, Alabama…..which means that by nature I love Chick-Fil-A, SEC football and a good cook-out, right?! It’s just my heritage.

I’m Kushuna Exford, the new Membership & Marketing director for the Robert D. Fowler YMCA but you can just call me the new kid on the block that drives really slowly with the Washington state tag still on her car. I moved to Washington from Birmingham in 2010 to work for the Everett Family YMCA as the Membership Director. I was a southern girl headed to the big city and I enjoyed my adventure. What I didn’t enjoy was the damp and cold climate and living 2616 miles from my hometown and close friends lost some its excitement after about six months. However, I did meet the love of my life during my 614 days of residence in Washington and he must feel the same way, since I made him follow me back to the south.

Living in Georgia for the past six weeks has given me a slight tan, rekindled my love for shoes and shown me that speaking to everyone that passes you is expected! I LOVE being back in the South. The Robert D. Fowler YMCA and the Norcross community have welcomed me and my fiance with big hugs and large cups of southern sweet tea. This is definitely the community that we want to grow with and start a family in. We are looking forward to engaging and connecting our YMCA and this community together. It’s great to be back in the good ole’ south!

Kushuna Exford
Membership & Marketing Director
Robert D. Fowler YMCA
W fpy.ymcaatlanta.org


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