Social Media: Divided by the Sexes

Breaking down the demographics of Social Media usage

Almost 150 million Americans now use at least one social networking site, according to MediaBistro’s Shea Bennett. Women “check-in” much more than men – almost 100 million more visits per month!

It’s probably no surprise that Pinterest is predominantly female, but according to the AllTwitter post, 64% of Twitter users are women who lead in log ins with 58% of Facebook and 60% of social gamers. “Men lead the way on Reddit (84 percent), Google+ (71 percent) and LinkedIn (63 percent)." There are more men on LinkedIn than there are women who use LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined.

A few more interesting facts:

  • Men are twice as likely to post something on their social networking site that they later regret.
  • 58% of men are likely to delete people from their friends list; 67% of women users will unfriend someone.
  • Nearly 300,000 status updates are posted on Facebook every minute
  • 82% of Pinterest users are women

Online MBA brings perspective to other aspects of the demographics of social media users in their celestial illustration that shows:


  • 845 Million Active users
  • 46% are over the age of 45
  • 57% have some college, but no degree
  • 47% have a household income of $50k-$99k


  • Equally distributed by age groups
  • 50% have some college, but no degree
  • 37% have a household income of $50k-$99k


  • 50% are over the age of 45


  • Only 10% users are under age of 24
  • 61% have a college education but no degree
  • 46% have a household income of $50k-$99k

So tell us, how many times each day do you check in with your favorite social media site?


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