News Nearby: Mitsubishi Electric Expands in Gwinnett

The global company celebrates grand opening of large new facility on Satellite Boulevard near I-85 in Suwanee.

Mitsubishi Electric is a global company with more than 110,000 employees worldwide, and it trades on Japan's Nikkei index.

But if employees needed to get in touch with the boss Wednesday (April 17), they had to patch in to Suwanee.

"We are so very pleased to join you in Suwanee," Kenichiro Yamanishi, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric, said at the grand opening of the company's new HVAC headquarters on Satellite Boulevard, near I-85, an unincorporated area.

"We are making many key investments like this one, throughout North America." He added, in humorous reference to the company's sponsorship of the Greater Gwinnett Championship: "Don't expect any golf lessons tonight."

The rollout of the 550,000-square-foot building -- said to be one of the 10 largest in Gwinnett -- brought out several business and government leaders from the area. (For the groundbreaking in 2012, Gov. Nathan Deal attended.)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," said Gwinnett BOC Chairman Charlotte Nash to Mitsubishi Electric executives, employees and vendors who attended. "The sound of additional jobs is music to our ears."

The company is expected to hire about 100 engineers, warehouse and office personnel in the next three years, according to Bud Nardello, VP of sales. The current 220 employees will be moving to the facility from the present one on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road.

About 500,000 square feet of the new building is warehouse space. The remainder is for such functions as sales -- global and American -- marketing and testing.

The building will be a distribution hub for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment for both commercial and residential customers.

It's Mitsubishi Electric's fourth expansion in 20 years in Gwinnett -- in which time revenue has grown over 2,000 percent.

"It's the beginning of yet another chapter in Gwinnett County," Nardello said.

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