Local Mom Designs Eco-Friendly Kids' Drink Cup

Peachtree Corners mother of three designs a new line of stainless steel baby bottles that transition to sippy cups and sports cups.


From the earliest moments of motherhood, Peachtree Corners eco-mom Ghazaleh Coulter found herself in constant battle with traditional plastic bottles and cups available to her children.

Not only did these options pose a health threat to her children through plastic’s natural tendencies to expel chemical contaminants and absorb organic material, but also were inefficient for a busy parent on-the-go. 

“I found plastic bottles and cups hard to clean, and they were unable to maintain temperature of liquids.  They often had to be replaced and never fully gave me the peace of mind that my children’s health wouldn’t be compromised,” commented Coulter.

So, in 2009 while pregnant with her third child, Ghazaleh took matters into her own hands.  She designed and founded CuteSip, an everyday line of easy-to-clean bottles made of solid stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime.  One bottle could be used for the first six years of a child’s life, simply by replacing the top.

With six kid-friendly stylish bottles to chose from CuteSip bottles are designed to keep kids safe and parents happy.  CuteSip relies on the inherent properties of stainless steel to create a kid-friendly, parent-approved bottle that is lightweight and durable.

With its clever interchangeable bottle lid feature, one bottle becomes four.  By changing out the top, the cup is easily adjusted to accommodate each growth stage, as the baby grows.  The cup is designed to easily transition from baby bottle to infant sippy cup to toddler spill-proof sports bottle to a sports bottle.  The interchangeable tops and inserts are provided by the CuteSip line.

Approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), each bottle is guaranteed BPA-free and lead-free and contains no other chemical contaminants or toxins potentially harmful to human health.

The bottle weighs less than five ounces to accommodate tiny hands and over-burdened diaper bags, can keep drinks warm or cold for up to four hours and all parts can be easily and safely cleaned in a dishwasher without worry of wear and tear to its exterior design.

CuteSip bottles save money, time and unwanted stress of worrying about young loved ones. Moms love the stylish designs, dads love their ease of washing and kids love to look like the “big kid” when using their own stainless steel bottle.

Within three months of introducing the product to the industry, in June of 2010, Whole Foods approached Coulter for more information and immediately started carrying the product in their stores.

Ghazaleh considers distribution at as her companies’ greatest accomplishment thus far and adds, “My kids love shopping at Whole Foods; seeing the CuteSip bottle there as we were shopping was such a surprise to them.”

Ghazaleh is motivated to keep the business growing because, “this line of product has the potential to change the entire baby bottle and sippy cup industry. I am on a mission to bring attention to providing the highest quality bottle (stainless steel) for our young children, but also providing the advantage of saving money over time and reducing waste.”

A product that is healthy for children, healthy for the environment and healthy on the pocketbook; sounds like a win-win-win for all involved.

Visit CuteSip's website for more information.

Deb Wilson Harris November 20, 2011 at 09:36 PM
WOW Ghazaleh these are so cool!
Kathi Jones November 22, 2011 at 08:46 PM
What a great idea! I wish these had been around when my kids were little.


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