Dreamland BBQ Plans to Reopen This Fall

Building plans for a new restaurant have been submitted to Peachtree Corners City Hall.

If all plans go as expected Peachtree Corners diners will be enjoying a new Dreamland BBQ by mid fall.

The popular Peachtree Corners restaurant, located on the corner of Peachtree Parkway and Peachtree Corners Circle, had been destroyed by fire on January 15. Today all that remains after that early evening blaze is the restaurant's red brick barbecue pit and twin smoke stacks.

A company spokesperson for the Birmingham, Alabama-based chain, Ashley Davis, vowed shortly after the fire that a new Dreamland BBQ restaurant would be open by Memorial Day.

Finally four months after the blaze, building plans have been filed with the city.

Diana Wheeler, Community Development Director, confirmed that the city had received building plans last week for the new restaurant. She said the plans will be reviewed by the city and returned with any necessary revisions. "The process usually takes several weeks," she said.

Davis said that the company has filed its building and health permits and will work with the city to meet their expectations and codes.

Asked how the company is addressing the complaints about the smoke and residue from the barbecue pits she said, "we are adding updates to the building to improve all areas in that regard.

"We are a barbecue restaurant, the food is cooked over an open hickory flame. But we are continuing to work to find ways to decrease any exposure in the immediate area." she said.

Dreamland BBQ was founded in 1958, the Peachtree Corners location is one of seven corporate-owned restaurants.

Editor's note: An architectural drawing of the front and back of the new restaurant is included. Click on the PDF icon below the photos to the right of the story view.

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