Norcross Art Fest: 2 Broken Broads

Norcross Art Fest artists Sue Sigmon-Nosach and Debbie Torbett made the company 2 Broken Broads as way to bring awareness to ovarian cancer, which they both survived.

The Norcross Art Fest is just around the corner for Oct. 6-7, and Norcross Patch is profiling different vendors for the 2012 festival.

2 Broken Broads owners Sue Sigmon-Nosach and Debbie Tobertt are ovarian cancer survivors. Their work, which they call "broken glass," aims to raise awareness to the deadly disease. Before the fest, Patch asked Sigmon-Nosach about their inspiration, pieces of work and heroes.

Under what genre is your art classified as? We call our art "broken glass" art. We have been recognized in the categories of fine art, primitive, and contemporary art.

How would you describe your art to a complete stranger? Our art is 98 percent "green" art in that we use discarded windows and broken glass to create our art. All of the items are "landfill" bound, rescued, and formed into our art; only the hooks and chains used to hang our art is purchased.

How long have you been producing art? We have been creating our art for 3 years.

How did you first get started in art? As survivors of ovarian cancer, we felt compelled to raise awareness of this most deadly disease. We tried avenues such as support groups, speaking events, and even started a hat program where we gave out hats to others undergoing treatment, but still felt that there had to be an even better way to connect with people; hence our art was "born." By calling ourselves the 2 Broken Broads we have been able to make that connection....broken lives after our diagnoses, broken glass, discarded windows...BUT...our metaphor is "broken is beautiful."

Who are your art heroes? Anyone who can turn even a minor adversity into something positive-those are our heroes. In our own cancer journey we have met so many others that do not and will not give up...they and their caregivers are our heroes.

What inspires you? Inspiration for our art are the songs of the 50s, 60s & 70s as the average age of diagnosis for ovarian cancer is between the ages of 50-60. These are songs we danced to and romanced to and they inspire us to create our art. We never use the same song title twice and each work of art contains the teal ribbon which is the symbol of ovarian cancer.

What is your favorite piece in your own collection? Why? Favorite piece? The one that we happen to be creating at the moment! AND the one that is the favorite of our patron!

Do you have a website? Our website is www.2brokenbroads.com

Where do you live? Debbie lives in Marietta and Sue lives near Gainesville on Lake Lanier. We create our art year round and appear at shows and charity cancer events in the southeast primarily GA, NC, and FL. Gallery affiliations can be found on the website.

How many times has your art been featured in the Norcross Art Fest? This marks the second time we have participated in the Norcross Art Fest.


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