Norcross Art Fest Spotlight: Shannon Brown

Meet the home decor artist who will display her work at the Norcross Art Fest for 2012.

The Norcross Art Fest is just around the corner for Oct. 6-7, and Norcross Patch is profiling different vendors for the 2012 festival.

Shannon Brown is a returning Norcross fest artist who creates functional home decor. Before the fest, Patch asked her about her inspiration, pieces of work and heroes.

Under what genre is your art classified as? Woodworking is my medium.

How would you describe your art to a complete stranger? Whimsical, functional home decor.

How long have you been producing art? I have been producing art for about the last 20 years but the last 5 have been mixing the woodworking and woodburning together with the painting.

How did you first get started in art? My mother loved to do tole painting on wood. She would create the most beautiful pieces that still decorate her home as well as my own. My father was a  weekend woodworker teaching me to use all the power tools!

Who are your art heroes? My mother is definitely my art hero. Now at 77, it is hard for her to paint, but she is who I have molded myself after.

What inspires you? My clients inspire me! They tell me their stories. Some are stories of everyday life and some are stories of things that have touched them deeply. One woman wanted a WWII bomber plane on a lazy susan to represent the father that she so loved but that is now gone. Knowing their stories, they go from clients to friends.

Do you have a website? My website is woodwithheart.etsy.com

Where do you live? I live in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Are you a full-time artist, or do you have another occupation? I have been a full-time artist for the last one-and-a-half years. I took that leap of faith and have not looked back.

How many times has your art been featured in the Norcross Arts Fest? This is my second year doing the Norcross show.


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