International Food and Music Festival Coming to Norcross

A trip around the world, right in Webb and Thrasher parks.

Plans are afoot for a new festival that will highlight Norcross’s colorful cultures.

“We’ll be showcasing the international aspects of the area,” says Keith Shewbert, co-chair of the Gateway International Food and Music Festival, which will be held for the first time at Lillian Webb Park and Thrasher Park on September 24, 2011. 

He says the ideas is to come to the event to “go around the world, musically and food-wise.”

The festival will be brought to you by the Gwinnett Village Community Alliance, the non-profit that works in tandem with Gwinnett Village CID. “Our mission is to increase the human capital,” Shewbert said, an idea that’s unique to CIDs in the area.  The Alliance partners with businesses, schools, residents and governments to revitalize and strengthen the area--and to promote the arts. 

Tim Le, a board member of the Community Alliance, will co-chair the event with Shewbert.

The Gwinnett Village had been looking for a signature event and this one makes sense, according to Shewbert, because they really see the area as a gateway--to culture, to Atlanta, to a sense of community. 

“The food part is really excting,” said Shewbert. “Instead of the usual vendors, we’ll engage local ethnic restaurants in the area.”  His vision includes a colorful array of food stalls with a world full of flavors.

Shewbert says that there will be three stages at the festival. He hopes to highlight Asian, South American, North American and more.  Plans are still in the very early stages, but he says he’s on the lookout for all types of people and talents.

Two stages will be set up at Lillian Webb, with a third stage at Thrasher. Shewbert hopes that the Thrasher stage can be set aside for gospel music—not just Southern gospel, but different takes on gospel music from around the world.

Julie Foster March 15, 2011 at 10:50 AM
Sounds fantastic! So many great things going on here in Norcross.
Roberto Correa September 08, 2011 at 01:56 AM
Chicken & Salsa is super happy for be to participate in this big event in Norcross city please no missing this super event ,Comming to enjoy a lot good food and great music.The site for event Lillian Webb Park and Thrasher Park on September 24, 2011. start at 10 am


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