Do You Know Who's in the Tardis at The Nest?

A Tardis, an English Police phone box from the show "Dr. Who," landed on The Nest's porch in May, and Norcross Arts Alliance members need help making contact with the person inside.

The Nest and the Norcross Arts Alliance are having a little fun in the sci-fi realm.

In its July newsletter, the Norcross Arts Alliance sent out a message entitled, "Who Landed in Norcross?" In the message, it's described how its members are looking for ways to make contact with whoever is in the Tardis that landed on The Nest's porch in May. 

While many science fiction fans will immediately perk at the name, a Tardis is a blue English Police phone box that the main character uses for traveling through time and space in "Dr. Who."

As a fun activity, the NAA is asking community members to help out with discovering who's inside and why the Tardis is in Norcross.

The NAA newsletter message about the Tardis is as follows:


Sometime during the night of May 9, 2012, the TARDIS* settled to rest on the porch of the NEST at 17 College Street in Norcross. We have yet to make contact with the occupant, if there is one, but are assuming that no one has been injured. Based on the markings, this travelling English Police phone box may have contained DR. WHO, the legendary pilot of the unreliable, obsolete TT Type 40 Mark 3 vehicle that flies in a BBC science fiction series.

Currently the members of the Norcross Arts Alliance are searching for ways to make contact with the vehicle. It seems to be safe. There are no sounds coming from the Tardis; nor reasons it came to earth here in Norcross. We welcome any ideas any citizen may have that will help us uncover this mystery. Come up to the Nest and have a look. Give Lori Sturgess, the Director of the Nest, your ideas. We will be very grateful to get to the bottom of this. * TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in space) is a registered trademark of the BBC.


To help Lori find the answer to her uninvited Police Phone Box, we have asked Robert Kauffman, a consultant with the Sherlock Holmes Detective Agency to put together a plan to find the whereabouts of the illusive Dr. Who. The search will take place during the annual ArtFest, October 6 and 7, 2012. Robert feels that date would insure the most people being in town to help us track down Dr. Who. The citizen that solves the mystery in the QUEST for Dr. Who will be recognized and rewarded during a celebration at the NEST Sunday October 7, 2012.


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