YMCA's Flower Children Create Colorful Paper Designs

Tissue paper, pipe cleaners and a little imagination leads to some colorful creations at a recent YMCA outing.

A farmers market full of farmers selling fresh produce, lots of kids and a couple of staff yielded some fabulous paper flower creations in downtown Norcross this past Tuesday.

Making paper flowers is a fun activity for kids of all ages, and the flowers will last a long, long time!  Best of all, the kids are so proud of their creations saying, "Look, I made this myself!" All it takes is some colorful tissue paper, pipe cleaners and a healthy dose of imagination.

Some of the children decided to wear their flowers in their hair, or on their wrists, through a shirt buttonhole, and others made them for their moms.  Before long the Whistlestop Farmers Market was blooming with festive color!

Craft making involves working with one’s hands, which builds dexterity and motor function, plus crafts are fun. Kids love getting involved in projects that engage their mind and hands. Crafts also can help teach kids how to follow instructions and they will soon learn that following instructions can be both fun and rewarding.

"We hope to instill kids with a long lasting influence of healthy habits, mainly keeping kids active throughout the summer and having fun while doing it" said Mark Thornell, Executive Director.  Look for Fowler YMCA out in your community this summer putting play in your child's day.


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